Why SEO is important to freelancers and small businesses with Steve Wiideman | Freelancer Talk #11

How to improve your online presence by using SEO?

If you’ve never heard of the term SEO before, you’re in luck. In today’s podcast episode, I’m discussing all things SEO with acclaimed SEO expert Steve Wiideman.

Steve has worked on the SEO strategies for Disney, Honda, IHop, and many more!

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No question was off-limit so I came up with a broad variety of SEO questions so that we could all learn from Steve and feel like we’ve gained some new knowledge after listening to the episode!

Some of the topics we are discussing:
– How the Internet has developed in Steve’s 20+ year career and what today’s benefits are.
– What does SEO mean?
– How does SEO work? Crawlers vs Indexing.
– How to get started with SEO as a small business.
– How will voice be incorporated into search?     

There are some really interesting facts and research findings Steve shares on the podcast. So if you are a true tech geek, it’s definitely worth your while!

Interested in getting to know Steve yourself and wanting to see what he’s up to? Check out Steve’s website and LinkedIn!

Let’s get listening!

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