When you should start paying into your pension with Radon Stancil | Freelancer Talk #13

Pension and Retirement, two things that no one likes to think of when in their 20s.

I’ve stressed this many times before, as freelancers you are responsible for every single aspect of your business. Meaning, you are also responsible to pay/organize your own pension and plan for your retirement. Unfortunately, this is something that most freelancers at the beginning of their careers don’t even think of. Even I caught myself avoiding this topic for a long time. It’s an important topic and therefore I decided to devote an episode to it!

In this week’s episode, I have Radon Stancil as a guest to talk about pensions and retirements. Radon runs his own firm called ‘Peace of Mind Wealth Management’. They basically help people plan their retirement and manage their financial accounts. He’s a freelancer himself and understands all too well why people push this topic to the back of their minds.

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As a freelancer at the beginning of your career, we are often in survival mode. Trying to make ends meet and hustle for the next job. After you’re out of this phase, people will save money to put towards a house, a new car and after that, you might have kids. So when is the right time to start thinking of your retirement? When should you start paying pension and how can you build up an account for later? Radon will tell us all about it!

Personally, Radon truly enriched me with new knowledge. And I think that is the wonderful thing about this podcast. I’m trying to find people to learn from and have interesting discussions with on topics that I sometimes am experienced at and other times not so much. I myself am also a freelancer still relatively at the beginning of my career and every week I discover or learn something new about this wonderful but also challenging lifestyle. 

That said, enjoy listening to the episode, and don’t forget to join the Freelancer Talk platform!

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