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Joining The Freelancer Talk means becoming part of a global network of creative freelancers, entrepreneurs, and self-employed artists who support one another. A supportive professional network is essential to creative freelancers because it provides job opportunities, support, guidance from fellow peers, and more importantly a community to feel at home at. 

The past 1,5 years have made it abundantly clear that having a network where you as a freelancer can rely on is of great essence. It’s the reason why our vision at The Freelancer Talk is to offer such a network and give you the possibility to create a supportive community of fellow creatives yourself. 

But that’s not all that we are about…

We intend to become part of every freelancer’s very own professional support system, or at the very least, our tools. Our mission is to make freelancing more accessible and more manageable for creatives like you. We’re doing this by creating various tools/products/services that will help you to expand your network, gain more knowledge/education, find new work opportunities, and help you to manage your freelance business from A to Z. 

We want to help you and your freelance business to thrive!

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Currently, The Freelancer Talk is a Social Network, an E-learning Hub, and a Job Marketplace. All core features of our Social Network and Freelancers JobHub are free to use. If you want to have access to more features such as Video Uploading, Job Alerts, Blogging, and Submitting Events, you may upgrade your account to our Freelancer Plus membership. Freelancer Plus is a monthly subscription and costs only €4,99. That’s basically a single glass of wine less per month.

You can access our platform by visiting thefreelancertalk.com, or by downloading our Freelancer Talk app. The app is available in both Google Play and Apple app stores. To learn more about all platform features please visit the following link: https://thefreelancertalk.com/about/

We commit to building a safe and open environment for all of our users and will continue to work on creating the best freelance resources and features for all of our members.

We are excited to get to know you and have you join our global community of creatives. The bigger the community, the bigger the support! So make sure you tell your fellow freelancers!

-The Freelancer Talk Team

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