Support for Dutch Freelance Insurances by Platform ACCT

Platform ACCT offers self-employed persons in the cultural and creative sector financial support for disability insurance. It also helps organizations that want to employ employees on a permanent basis. We believe that this support for Dutch Freelance Insurances is incredibly important and needed. Thank you Platform ACCT!

Platform ACCT, the labor market platform of the cultural sector, has received a budget to improve the labor market position of workers. It has set up two schemes for this:

Oog voor Impuls: Self-assured arrangement

The Self-Insured Scheme is intended as an incentive for self-employed persons or workers with a hybrid professional practice in the creative and cultural sector to insure themselves against disability. Self-employed persons who take out occupational disability insurance (AOV) can receive an allowance of 120 euros (one-off) plus half of the monthly costs for a year, with a maximum of 50 euros per month.

Read more about this scheme at

Sure-Case arrangement:

The Zekere Zaak scheme is intended to support the (permanent) employment of (false) self-employed persons in the cultural and creative sector. Read more about this scheme at

The importance of Freelance Insurance

We want to point out that it is important to have the right insurance for yourself as a Creative Freelancer, but having disability insurance is probably one of the most important ones! Disability insurance helps you when you are unable to work due to injuries or sickness. These insurances are mostly very costly, so having a bit of support from Platform ACCT wouldn’t be too bad.

Of course, there are alternatives for insurance, such as Broodfonds or a crowdsurance with SharePeople.

Protect yourself and get yourself insured freelancers!

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