Knowing Your Worth w/ Bilal Bachir from De Kunstenbond

As freelancers, we often struggle to fully understand what we are invoicing for and what we are worth. 

Our financial system works differently than when you work on payroll. We pay our own taxes, pension, and social securities. But besides the technical side of our finances, we often find ourselves in complicated positions when we are asked to work for less or even for free.

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For today’s episode, I’ve asked Bilal Bachir from De Kunstenbond to join me on the podcast and talk about knowing your worth. 

Bilal is a board member of the Theater and Dance Department of De Kunstenbond in the Netherlands and teaches workshops for De Kunstenbond on knowing your worth/value to students of various Universities/Academies around the Netherlands. De Kunstenbond is a Union based in the Netherlands which is a Union for people working in the Arts. 

In today’s episode, we are diving into the art/dance world where Bilal sheds some light on what you should include in your worth, how you know what you are worth, how we need to fight the current system, and why a Union like De Kunstenbond is so valuable to you as a freelancer working in the Arts. 

Today’s episode is special to me as I myself am a freelance dancer that has encountered many incidents in which I was severely underpaid/undervalued.  The Freelancer Talk podcast started as a podcast for freelancers working in the arts but has since grown and expanded to all kinds of freelancers. I am aware that not all of our audience works in the Arts field but still urge you to listen to this episode as there is some general knowledge to be taken from.  

During the episode, Bilal mentioned the European Dancer’s Passport. Check out here what it is and how you can get one if you are a freelance dancer!

Enjoy listening!

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