How to optimize your Instagram as a Freelance Performing Artist

Instagram is a great platform for Performing Artists to showcase their work and potentially even find jobs. But since Instagram introduced Reels (their answer to TikTok) back in 2020, everything we knew about the Gram changed… Instagram is overflowing with content creators and influencers, so how can you use Instagram still to your advantage as a Performing Artist? Don’t worry, we did some research for you and came up with some secret sauce, or not? This is how to optimize your Instagram as a Freelance Performing Artist.

1. Reels Everywhere

Ok, we already mentioned this in our introduction: Reels changed everything. But how did it change everything? Well, Instagram likes to describe itself as a video-first platform… they even tried to change the entire timeline and kind of trash photos but no one was having it, so they rolled that update back.

Since Instagram wants to be more video focused, the algorithm is pushing Reels to the foreground. Reels are getting a lot more views, reach, and engagement than any other type of content format on Instagram. Posting Reels regularly give your profile a bigger push to potentially reach new collaborations or other professional connections.

2. Creativity AKA Originality WINS!

This is where we artists have an advantage. Remember those silly dance trends that everybody copies over and over? Or those annoying sketches everybody copies? Annoying right? Yeah, Instagram heard ya. Instagram prefers originality over whatever it is that the masses are doing. Meaning, real original creativity is favored by the Algorithm. So get creative and share your artistry on Instagram 👩🏼‍🎤!

Side note: trending music sounds could be considered an exception to the originality rule. Reels with trending music seem to perform better than Reels without a trending sound.

3. Build Communities not Followers

If you haven’t heard of Freelancer Tak before, there is one thing that you should know about us right now: we LOVE communities. When using Instagram as a way to market yourself, find collaborations, or showcase your work, you have to let go of the word ‘followers’. Followers are so passé, it is all about community building nowadays, as it should have been from the start.

One way to build a community is to encourage/provoke interactions with your community members. Use Instagram functionalities such as Polls, Quizzes, and Live to interact with your members. Learn from those interactions so you can adjust your content strategy accordingly.

4. We live in a Vertical World

Stories, Reels, Youtube Shorts, TikToks… we are living in a virtual vertical world. When creating content for the Gram, and for most Social Media platforms, keep a vertical-first focus. It takes some time to get used to creating vertical content. But once you got, there are a lot of interesting things you can do with vertical content.

Instagram is looking to use your phone’s screen to its fullest visual potential. Vertical formats will only be explored more in the coming years. So, don’t go creating horizontal Reels now, unless you really want to showcase a video in that format on your timeline… yeah, all videos are now Reels on Instagram. That’s definitely something to think about 🤔.

Keep in mind that the Instagram Grid still showcases content in squares. If you want your Reels to show up in your grid, make sure to keep a square of the image in mind that represents your Reel.

5. The optimal LINK IN BIO

There was a time when marketers were opting to create a ‘link in bio’ on your own website. Many businesses and freelancers created devoted web pages to drive traffic to their own websites. We have never really been a fan of that, and we have seemed to be right…

Nowadays, apps like have gotten incredibly advanced in creating ‘link in bio’s’ that drive traffic to your websites, events, podcasts, videos, and whatever you can think of. The analytical tools have gotten more comprehensive as well. To us, is basically a collage of your Online Presence. The collage functions as a portal to all of the platforms you are using to showcase your work and create connections.

Yeah, we are big fans of but we are no afilitate (yet). Make sure to check them out tho!

So these were a few ways of how to optimize your Instagram as a freelance performing artist. Of course, there are plenty of other ways that can help you create a bigger Instagram presence. But this blog wasn’t about creating a bigger following. (we don’t say the word followers after this post any longer!) This blog was about how to optimize your Instagram.

Can’t decide between creating a separate business and personal account or having them both integrated? Check out this article to help determine what serves you best!

Want to learn more about Instagram for freelancers or looking to create a strong Online Presence? Schedule a Discovery Talk with one of our coaches! They can help determine how to help you get the best out of Instagram!

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