Going Freelance in 11 Steps with Alistair Webster from Freelance Success

Have you ever thought about quitting your payroll job and going freelance?

Freelancers are slowly taking over the world and the future truly is freelance. The current worldwide pandemic has only contributed to this statement and ultimately sped up this process

With unemployment numbers going through the roof, it’s no surprise that platforms like Fiverr and Upwork are seeing a rapid increase in their users. Essentially, it doesn’t matter whether you are thinking of quitting your job and going freelance or if you are unemployed and want to start your own freelance business. In both cases, you’re going to need a plan!

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For this week’s episode of The Freelancer Talk podcast, we’ve invited Alistair Webster from Freelance Success to share with us his ’11 Steps to Becoming a Freelancer’- guide!

What is Freelance Success?

Alistair Webster is a freelancer and creative consultant from the UK. He specializes in creating websites that use strategy and storytelling to help small businesses boost sales. He is also the founder of Freelance Success – an online platform that teaches freelancers everything they need to know to succeed and achieve their dream freelance lifestyle.

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From signing in your business and getting the right software for your bookkeeping, to thinking about your branding and setting up a business bank account. In this week’s episode, we are discussing how you go from 0 to freelance in 11 steps!

If you are seriously thinking of going freelance or if you just started out and feel like you need a quick checklist to see if you’ve set yourself up for success… this week’s episode is going to be your best friend! And we urge you to download his physical guide as well.

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