Freelancer Talk App beta Launch

The Freelancer Talk is a platform for all freelancers working in the Creative Industries. We want you and your business to thrive and we believe that every freelancer deserves a fair chance at success. How are we planning on helping you and your business to thrive? It’s simple; through connection and education! That’s why today we are introducing the Freelancer Talk App bet launch!

Announcing the Freelancer Talk App beta launch
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Connection & Education

Connection because it’s vital for a freelancer to have a network, be part of a community, or even having a professional support system. But also connection because freelancing can be lonely, and to be fair, when else would you meet other freelancers working in a different field?

Our other focus is on education because we never stop learning, especially as freelancers! Besides your own craft, a freelancer needs many other skills. Skills like time management, financial planning, negotiating… the list is endless. In the coming year, we’ll slowly add more educational features to our platform, such as masterclasses, courses, invoice templates, coaches, and other resources.  

Back the Freelancer Talk App…

Currently, the Freelancer Talk App is in beta testing. Meaning our App is not finished yet, and things will keep on changing as we get more user feedback. We’ve decided to first focus on the connection side of our platform. As of now, the app allows you to create a profile, share activity posts, create connections, find freelancers near you, join groups, and participate in forum discussions. Furthermore, the App also includes an event directory, job marketplace, and blogs for educational purposes.

In the future, the social features of the app will continue to expand and on top of that, you will be able to start your own crowdfunding, join and organize online meetings/conferences through Zoom, to find and book workspaces around the world, and to follow masterclasses and get access to all kinds of freelance resources. We really want to create a super app/platform that has everything that a freelancer needs. 

The more users our platform has, the more features we will be able to add and the more we will be able to give back. That’s why we need your help! Share the following link with your fellow freelance friends or hack even on your socials! The idea is to build an international thriving, supporting, and enriching community of creative freelancers… are you in?

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One last thing…

We are looking for freelancers that would like to contribute to the development of our platform in an intellectual way. We have started to host ‘Freelancer Braintanks’ in which we want to hear from you what you’d like to see added in the platform, what you were lacking in your education, and where we should focus on. The Freelancer Talk is meant for you, so we really value your opinions and ideas. We’ll be hosting ‘Freelancer Braintanks’ online and offline as well. Keep an eye out on our socials, subscribe to our newsletter, and join a ‘Freelancer Braintank’ whenever you are free!

Please, for any questions, ideas, or even collaboration proposals, feel free to contact us at [email protected]. Now let’s grow this community!

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