5 Tips for Freelance Performing Artists

Freelancing is fun… isn’t it? Yeah, we can already hear you disagree with that statement. Freelancing can be very freeing and really awesome when you are riding a wave of opportunities. But in reality, most of the time freelancing is hard and uncertain work, especially within the Performing Arts. So how do you master the Art of Freelancing? Here are our 5 tips for Freelance Performing Artists to master the freelance life!

1. Invest in your Network

The power of networking is far too underrated. There are so many opportunities in your network when it comes to finding work and support. If you want to unlock these opportunities, you’ll have to invest in your network. Get yourself out there, meet people, give back, and put in the time and energy to create professional relationships. Nurture, foster, and maintain those relationships at all times! Once you establish yourself within your network of colleagues, you’ll find that your investments will be made back in tenfold.

Looking for some networking advice? Check out these 5 Tips for Networking.

2. Know Your Worth

Let’s agree not to work for free anymore unless you can justify it with an exchange of a certain value. When we think about value, it’s important to find out what your value is. Why do people work with you? If you find out your value proposition, leverage it. Knowing your worth is not only about making money but also about taking back control. On a more technical note, when talking about money and rates make sure you educate yourself on the laws of the country you work in.

Want to know more about knowing your worth? Listen to this episode of The Freelancer Talk Podcast on ‘Knowing Your Worth’ by Evan Schwarz.

3. Take Risks

If you don’t take risks, you might never fail. We believe that there is no one way to “success”. Failing a thousand times, learning from those failures, staying persistent, and honest reflection is the way to build a healthy career to your own liking. Make sure you enjoy the journey as well though.

4. Always SIGN an Agreement/Contract

This may sound so obvious, but far too often we hear stories from professionals that they didn’t sign a contract prior to starting a project. Unfortunately, this often results in payment problems. Make sure to always sign a contract/freelance agreement before you start working and understand the terms of your contract. That way you prevent yourself from getting into tricky situations and have proof if further legal action is required.

5. Be Proactive

You have to be proactive as a freelancer or you’ll miss the boat. Respond to your emails timely, apply to auditioning calls, castings, and interviews before the deadline (yeah, that still happens to some of us), and reach out just for the sake of showing your interest. It’s always okay to show your interest in a certain position, just don’t be too obsessive. Freelancing is a career where flexibility and time management skills are required. If you lack certain skills, get yourself educated!

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