4 apps to master your finances as a freelancer

Let’s be honest, finances can be terribly confronting. As a creative freelancer, you probably prefer to spend your time freelancing and creating rather than fighting with your finances. Yet, getting a hold of your finances and understanding your business’s cash flow is essential. Luckily, many apps nowadays make finances more fun and insightful. To save you some time, we took the liberty to test out a bunch of those apps so that you don’t have to. Here are 4 apps to master your finances as a freelancer. 

FYI: these apps are for freelancers based in the Netherlands

1. Tellow

Image by Tellow

Tellow is a bookkeeping tool for freelancers and self-employed. It is an incredibly user-friendly tool that includes a web app and apps for IOS and Android. With Tellow, you can create invoices, quotes, VAT, and income tax returns. Furthermore, the app has a very easy feature that allows you to record your hours. 

Tellow has 4 different plans; Free, Basic, Plus, and Complete. Their Complete plan includes a personal bookkeeper that handles your tax returns. Tellow is available in both Dutch and English. 

A cool thing worth mentioning is that starting in 2023, Tellow will start offering business bank accounts and cards. This means that Tellow will become an all-in-one financial hub for your freelance business.

2. Dyme

Image by Dyme

Get better insights into your finances with Dyme. And yes, it really works!

The Dyme app connects to your bank and gives you a clear and concise overview of your income and spending. Apart from giving you the financial overview you seek, Dyme will identify and act on possible ways for you to save money, taking care of all the tedious financial and administrative stuff for you. 

In other words; Dyme analyses your subscriptions & bills and signalizes you when you could be spending less on certain costs. Dyme will take care of lowering your bills and changing plans. With Dyme you get to save money for a buffer, that new coat, or a future house. 
Dyme has a free plan and 2 premium plans.

3. Flow Your Money

Image by Flow

Flow is a true lifesaver. The app manages your incoming cash flow by splitting your income directly into subcategories such as savings, taxes, and other budgets. You decide how you want to divide your income and Flow does the rest. If you aren’t a master in budgeting, Flow is going to be your best friend!

Flow adds smart capabilities on top of your bank accounts. You can connect your banks to Flow and get complete control over your money. 
Flow is available in both Dutch and English. They have plans for individuals and businesses, both starting with a free plan.

4. Knab

Image by Knab

Just started freelancing? In need of a business bank account? Knab is THE bank for freelancers. With Knab, you can open an account within just a few minutes, plus an identification process that doesn’t take longer than 24hrs. 

Their freelancers plan (€7,- per month) includes 5 payment accounts and infinite saving account. Those saving accounts come in very handy as it gives you the possibility to split your money into different jars (use Flow). For example for your VAT, costs, savings, or profits.

Knab is an internet bank which means that you can do everything easily online with the mobile app. Receive alerts when someone has paid you and pay securely and quickly online and offline with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

We always advise freelancers to have a separate business bank account. It has a lot of benefits, such as bookkeeping integration, but our main argument for a business bank account would be to have a better overview of your cash flows. With an account at Knab, you will for sure master your finances as a freelancer.

We know firsthand that finances can be terribly confronting. Most of us tend to avoid looking at our bank accounts. But how can you improve your finances if you don’t know what comes in and what comes out? Face your fears and start using these apps! Learn more about cash flow and use Dyme to help you save some money along the way. It’s time to master your finances as a freelancer!

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